Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fort Worth Date Night: In Vetro

by Michael Bloomberg
November 3, 2010

They say that all good things must come to an end. But, what about all beautiful things? Why do those have to come to an end? For example, flowers. I've attended many weddings where tens of thousands of dollars were spent on the budded beauties. Only to know that they will soon wilt.

Or what about a Chocolate Lava Cake? Once the first cut is made, the perfectly cylindrical treat is overwhelmed and flooded by the river of chocolaty greatness. Three bites later....all gone. And, this week, it's glass that has to end.

It's time to head to Grapevine this Saturday night from 6-10 p.m. The uber cool glassblowing studio, Vetro Glassblowing Studio and Gallery, is hosting their annual holiday party. It's intriguingly dubbed, "Glass on the Tracks."

First things first, there will be wine, beer and Hors d’ouevres. Whew! Food and drink are covered. Now on to the entertainment. The "Fate Lions" will be entertaining the crowd. For those not in the know, they are described as a "lush, bright and melodic pop group that takes its listeners though landscapes of 80s riffs and 60s fillers." Sure to be a crowd favorite.

At this event, raffle tickets will be on sale for 75 one-of-a-kind handblown ornaments. This is sure to fill up your tree and then some. The retail value for this boatload of creative holiday glassyness is $1500.00. Tickets are $20.00 for 1 ticket, $30.00 for 2. The drawing will be held November 26 at 10am. The winner need not be present to win. Also, tickets may be purchased without attending the Glass on the Tracks party.

Speaking of the party, it's time to reveal the Belle of the Ball. Perhaps the real reason for attending this cool event is to witness something called the "Truth or Consequences" Auction. According to Vetro, here's how it plays out. "Everyone puts his/her name in for a drawing. If your name is chosen, David Gappa asks you a question about Vetro. If you get the question correct, it's yours for nothing. However…If you get the question wrong, it is held for ransom for 30 seconds, and the piece goes up for auction. It is awarded to the highest bidder, IF the secret reserve price is met. So what happens if the reserve price is not met? The piece is crushed in Vetro's proprietary "Glass Guillotine". That’s right…it dies. It’s intense, it’s wild, and it’s even a bit overwhelming for some."

Which leads us back to my opening sentiment about the quote, "They say that all good things must come to an end." I'm not sure who "they" is. Who "they" are. Editors, if you can take it from here.

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