Sunday, May 27, 2012

One Intention is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Several years ago, when thinking about what my next step in my business would be, I knew I needed a stronger online presence.  This includes a rebranded, professionally done website, the launching of a brand-new online product website, the creation of online videos and some new pics.

My promotional pictures weren't terribly old and I really liked them, especially since I am not one who had really ever spent time in front of the camera.  However, over the recent years, when it would come up with others and would be asked what I envisioned for the theme of my dream photo shoot, I kept coming back to one thing. I want something 1920's to 1940's, in a tux, bow tie undone and in an unconventional a warehouse.

Move forward to this year, March 2012.  Through a friend whom I used to volunteer, I was introduced to a photographer who had expressed interest in meeting me based on what he told her I did...plan and implement the world's greatest marriage proposals.  Within a few weeks, we scheduled a meeting.  She was attractive, energetic, passionate, well-spoken and professional.  And, in the words I often use to describe a person, place or thing I like...Great Energy!

A few weeks later, I believe it was Friday night, April 6th, when I received an e-mail from her.  It starts off with "You can say 'No.'" And proceeds to tell me of a training she's doing with one of the world's premier photographers...some other stuff..."Would you please be my model?"

I did chuckle as "model" is far from how A) have ever viewed myself and B) have never thought others perceived me.  She mentioned that she would start thinking of ideas and, if I had any, please share with her.  And, of course, I'd get copies of the pics. DUH!  How can I say no to that???

I e-mailed her back, told her I was in, told her my concept and the next day, she responds with that she had been thinking the exact same thing.  That she didn't know me well enough to ask, but, basically...LET'S DO THIS!!!

On April 30th, we scheduled a planning session and on Monday, May 21, 2012, with a tux in hand, headed out to The Cotton Mill in McKinney, TX (  I just got my hands on a few of the pics and was told I could share.  Click on each pic to enlarge.

A BIG thank you to the amazing photographer, Rhonda Brunson!!! (  Grateful does not even come close to how I feel about being asked to do this.  And, the final product is beyond what I could have ever imagined.  I'm proud to now call her "Friend!"

It's so great how the Universe can deliver exactly what we set our intentions on.  The very first pic I get back is the picture that has been in my head for several years.  The rest are just gravy!

Rhonda mentioned she wanted to add a "high fashion" edge to these pics.  The above required an interesting pose. It's a good thing I do yoga!

This was taken from a distance.  When I look at these, I can't help but notice the personality and the nuances of the old Cotton Mill.

I'm not sure what to call this one.  I really wasn't angry.  But, I do love the black and white.

When I received this one, Rhonda mentioned it might be her favorite.  I feel like when my book comes out, it  would belong next to the author's blurb.  I love the patina of the equipment in the background.

This one captures the oldness and uniqueness of the building.  Again, the layers are intriguing.  From the tux, to the equipment, to the interior brick.

The above might be my favorite.  This was also a dangerous area.  Part of the room had no floor, with only a makeshift catwalk to get across.  Again, the equipment, the junk in the back and the windows really pop in black and white.

This might also rank as a favorite, too.  It reminds me of an old private investigator movie.  My dad suggested it looks like a "high-dollar cologne Stetson." :)

O.K., change of clothes and I was forced to smile.

The light plowing through the windows is interesting in the above pic.  We'll call this "Buddha."

When I first saw this one, it appeared like I was in 3-D. Or floating.

With the massive size of the room, I love how this pic captures all of the interesting layers of this space.

The columns that run the span of the room, when taken at just the right angle, appear to be a wall.  Very cool effect from a long distance. There was glass and debris all over the floor.  I had to watch the bare feet.

As always, I love to hear your comments, suggestions or just to say "Hi!"  Thanks for stopping by!


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Jeannette Maw said...

How FUN! Love the photos! Love the manifesting success!! Definitely a talented photographer and perfect model! :)