Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fort Worth Date Night: Kiss a Frog

by Michael Bloomberg
October 13, 2010

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and have been living under a rock, then you might be the only one who hasn't heard all the buzz about TCU's football team. Ranked #4 in the country, the Horned Frogs are halfway through the season and 6 games remain. Out of those, only 3 are home games.

It's that time of year that the weather is what we in Texas call, "perfect football weather." The stadium is easily accessible with plenty of festivities going on. Whether it be a pre-game tailgate, hitting up Fuzzy's for the best tempura fish burrito or eating at the game, it's never too late to get on the Horned Frog bandwagon.

While being #4 in the country is impressive, it's become a little clearer when you truly understand the actual number four. You can now see why it's a little more fitting why TCU has that particular rating. Defining the number "four" in Numerology will shed some light.

According to Numerology, the number four "is the rock and cornerstone of an enterprise, does not give up easily, is perseverant and a hard worker." This pretty much sums up TCU football. From Coach Patterson, his staff, the players, the school and the fans. So, for the fans, there is an annual event coming up that might make going to a game even more enticing.

The weekend of October 22-23 is TCU's Homecoming. Friday evening, the 22nd, from 6-9pm, marks the return of FrogFest. A family-friendly evening, but also great for a date night, which include fun activities such as: Giant inflatables, huge slides, face painting, crafts and a live band. Food will be available and a cash bar featuring purple margaritas.

Pick a game, get your tickets, pull out your purple attire and be prepared for football greatness. Equally impressive is the energy of not only TCU coming together, but the whole Fort Worth community uniting for a great cause. It's been exciting the last few seasons watching our Horned Frogs rise to the elite of college football.

It was French politician and philosopher, Charles de Montesquieu, who said, "To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them." Go be with the Frogs and cheer them on to greatness. Not to mention, another undefeated season. Followed by a bid to an exciting bowl game. Fingers crossed.

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