Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fort Worth Date Night: I Got You Babe! (FW Business Press)

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If you are single or, when you were single, what is the one date you could always fall back on? Dinner and a movie, right? It might be a little boring and predictable, but, it’s safe. Obviously, there are pros and cons. The upside is that it is a reliable date. While monotonous, you don’t have to be creative and the decision to go can be made at the last minute. The major downside is, if you are watching a movie, you are not talking. However, some things are better left unsaid. You can always do a little hand holding or a gentle touch to let her know how you are feeling. Also, a movie may be so good, you guys can talk about it after. This week’s Date Night will give you two something to talk about for days.

We are going to take a little road trip. It’s not far and just a short drive to the northeast. Every summer, the town of Frisco hosts “Movies in the Square.” What a cool concept! The movies are projected on a giant, 26’ x 13’ inflatable movie screen located on Simpson Plaza in Frisco Square and admission is free. Live, pre-show entertainment begins at 8:30 p.m. on most movies nights. You are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets and refreshments to enjoy the outdoor movies in comfort. Popcorn will be available for a nominal fee.

The movie this week is the 1995 classic, Babe. This Friday, July 24, check out this flick about a pig beautifully set in Australia. Babe was nominated for six Academy Awards and won one for visual effects. Jeff Shannon perfectly described this movie when he wrote, “Babe is all about the title character, a heroic little pig who's been taken in by the friendly farmer Hoggett (Oscar nominee James Cromwell), who senses that he and the pig share “a common destiny.” Babe, a popular mischief-maker on the Australian farm, is adopted by the resident border collie and raised as a puppy, befriended by Ferdinand the duck (who thinks he's a rooster), and saves the day as a champion "sheep-pig."

Between here and Frisco, there are a ton of great restaurant choices where you can “pig” out. Just don’t eat too much. No one wants to hear you “squeal” during the movie. Of course, it is a public place, so, be careful about the “swine” flu. I know; I know…stop with the bad pig puns! Well, start planning your Date Night for this weekend. In other words, get shakin’, “Bacon!”

For complete information on Movies in the Square, please visit Frisco Square’s official site: