Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fort Worth Date Night: Orange you glad I didn't call you banana? Or, chicken?

by Michael Bloomberg
October 20, 2010

It has become my life's mission to find the area's best holes-in-the-wall. From the city's best unknown dessert, to the search for the tastiest Pad Thai, to a martini that has been flying under the radar. One of my favorite things in the world is to introduce friends, both old and new, to these off-the-beaten path locales.

So, when the tables were turned recently when I was taken to Bangkok House (438 S Cherry Ln.), I immediately knew I had a new best-kept secret. During the week, from 11-2, Bangkok House offers up a lunch buffet that you won't easily forget. Also, not easily forgettable is one half of the owners who is referred to as "Mama." She is worth the price of admission as she makes sure everyone is enjoying themselves and/or is making sure she is enjoying herself. It's hard to tell.

Back to the buffet. While it's not a super buffet with 100's of choices, the food is actually super. It has an interesting selection that many buffets don't cover. Some of these items are Pad Thai, Thai fried chicken and various curry dishes. However, what sold me was something that most buffets do offer.

This was the Orange Chicken. I know what you may be thinking. Orange chicken is orange chicken. And, until I went to Bangkok House, I subscribed to the same theory. This is absolutely THE best Orange Chicken in the world. To answer "why" might be difficult. It's the chicken. Or, the marinade. Or, the preparation. Or, perhaps, just the planets align and each piece is just crispy and sweet, yet, a touch spicy, but, consistent. My second visit to this buffet was pretty much an Orange Chicken-fest. If I wasn't concerned about the other patrons, I was tempted to pull a chair up to the buffet and just eat the entire dish of Orange Chicken. It's that good.

Bangkok House offers up a full menu when dining at night and on the weekends. Pad Thai,Massaman Curry and many other Thai selections are fantastic. But, how do I not cheat on the Orange Chicken? While ambiance and romance is not part of this locale, good food definitely is. And, you really know that you that you have made it when you enter the restaurant and "Mama" greets you with a slow, sultry, drawn out, "Hey, Baby..."

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